Frequently Asked Questions

My budget is less than $1K, can you help me?


Yes! SFF offers various payment options for services.  We are here to ensure you are successful and our services can be purchased by Bundle, Ala Carte or Retainer.

I just started a small business and do not have a budget to hire employees to perform certain job functions. Can you help me?


Yes! Our Clients include tax offices, law practices, insurance agencies, entrepreneurs, etc. We specialize in assisting small to mid-size companies and handling services that may not be cost effective to have in-house.

Can you help me ensure that I am complying with all laws and regulations that apply to my business industry?


Yes! Not having measures in place to comply with applicable laws and regulations is unethical and jeopardize how long your business will survive. Let us help you be compliant.

Client References


Current List of SFF Clients

SFF has had the pleasure of assisting a wide range of Clients in many different industries. Our track record and reputation depend on provided customer-focused results.

Small Business

  • Reese Creations and The Bridge Publications
  • Mobile Tax Professionals
  • TC3 Chemical Consulting

Human Resources Management

  • Spencer Wright Law Firm
  • Benefits Assistance Management Group

Talent Management

  • Coach Shawn 80/20 Fit